Julie Fournier is a sometimes-writer, sometimes-editor, sometimes-artist, sorta-musician from Montreal.

Mid-week headlines

4Discrimination raciale: Des agents du SPVM sont blâmés 4Agression dans Côte-des-Neiges: une adolescente se rend 4Road deaths less... Read More

The Saturday paper

4Attention à la dermatite du baigneur. Grossness at lac Mephrémagaog. 4Un homme de 60 ans entre la vie et la mort | Montreal... Read More

The hits just keep on comin’

4Public transit workers okay strike mandate: ‘Bargaining tool’; Might walk if wages remain frozen in ’07 ... Read More

Weekend news

4Cyclist hit, dragged by car on St. Denis around 3pm Thursday afternoon. First she was doored, which threw her into traffic, where she... Read More

Some mid-week news

Night flights to end over Laval, St. Laurent The agreement, made in 2006, was to merely test night flights over those areas, and the... Read More

Close, but no cigar

I frequently notice that parking posts with bike rings are installed as far out of the way of pedestrians as possible. I don’t... Read More

A couple of cautionary tales

⋅ Man dies in hit-and-run in Montreal | Délit de fuite mortel | Le conducteur d’un scooter meurt dans un délit de fuite An SUV... Read More

Some weekend headlines

Les cols bleus à la disposition des déménageurs | Moving is a dirty job – for city crews: one of the several down-sides of... Read More

Feux d’artifice

Montreal’s annual fireworks festival — properly (and clumsily) named l’International des Feux Loto-Quebec presented by... Read More

Shoes in the Sky

When I began writing for Spacing Montreal I planned to write an exposé on mysterious shoes hanging from power lines. Just a couple of... Read More