Kathryn Hunt is a writer and editor who started cycling as her main mode of transportation in early 2007. Now a year-round, all-weather cyclist, she has a hard time remembering life without two wheels. She maintains a cycling blog at theincidentalcyclist.com.

Tomorrow: Tribute ride for Danielle Naçu

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday, October 18), hundreds of cyclists and allies (non-cyclists are welcome to walk with the group) will be... Read More

Breathing easier on Laurier

This summer, the city of Los Angeles passed a law making it illegal to harass or threaten cyclists. I was amazed and pleased when it... Read More


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Rules for cyclists: break, bend, or follow?

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Rush Hour

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“Young men in spandex”: cycling stereotype dies hard

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Machismo – the vital accessory for vehicular cycling?

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Abandoned bikes: where do they go?

On my way from the bus to the Rideau Centre doors one morning last month, just after the first real snowfall of the year, I passed a... Read More