Social Media

You can Like Spacing magazine on Facebook. We feed our blogs into our Facebook fan pages so you won’t miss a post or special offer. You can also find Facebook fan pages for Spacing Ottawa, Spacing Vancouver, and Spacing Atlantic. You can become a fan of our subway buttons and magnets, and if you so desire you can become part of our merchandise focus group.

You can follow the discussion Spacing magazine (and Spacing Toronto) is having with our readers on Twitter.You can also follow and interact all of our blogs on Twitter: Spacing Vancouver, Spacing Ottawa, Spacing Montreal, and Spacing Atlantic.

We often post photos from our blogs directly onto Flickr so that you can use them (in accordance with Creative Commons usage) or comment specifically on their quality. We also have a photo pool for you to submit your photos. We often use Flickr to help us find photos for articles and blog posts. By making Spacing a contact or submitting your photos to our pool you are more likely to see your images in our magazine (and we pay for photos in our print edition!).

Occasionally we will post a video on YouTube.