Who You Gonna Call? Part 2

The City of Toronto website is full of useful but hard-to-find information. As a follow-up to the sidewalk-obstacle-busting phone numbers I provided in an earlier post, here is a useful PDF (print it out! Put it on your fridge!) which lists ALL the phone numbers you can call for the different problems you might notice in Toronto’s public space:

Whose job is it? (PDF file)


  1. Did this come from the City? ‘Cause one thing I don’t consider a problem is graffitti, yet there’s a phone number for cleaning it up on there. Any way you can black that one out? 🙂

  2. Its official City PDF.

    Illegally erected billboards fit the definition of graffiti, too. So keep it in so you can call when you want the City to investigate.

  3. Why doesn’t Toronto do what NYC has done, which is set up one number to call for everything? 3-1-1 is reserved for this purpose, and in New York City, whatever the problem, you call 311 and they route the issue to the proper department.

  4. Who do we call when the city paints over half of the “Spadina line” painting under the Dupont bridge? Because that’s what the city just did…

  5. If you’re talking about the mural under Dupont bridge, that’s being painted over because the mural covered up an existing public art work (“Spadina Line”) and was allowed due to an oversight. The people who did the mural will be given another bridge to paint.

    I think these old bridges don’t need murals to make them nice though.

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