City Council about to take flight

The new city council will be unveiled for us next week, and we’ll get to see who’ll be pushing the agenda forward for the... Read More

Dovercourt tree tour and community bonfire

This Saturday, December 2 at 1:00p.m., arborist about town and Spacing contributor Todd Irvine of LEAF and local tree advocate Andrea... Read More

Goodbye Stump (Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em)

The scene Monday in front of Scotiabank Centre was loud. The Murray Demolition¬† company (I always wonder what the omnipresent Toronto... Read More

Carlton Canyon

The walk west on Carlton has changed over the past year and become quite a nice and cozy canyon. The addition of the new glass condo... Read More

A compendium of links

Lightning loves the tower [Toronto Star]: Keraunophobes, don’t look up. The CN Tower is struck by lightning more frequently than... Read More

Funniest Election Moments

My two favorite moments during the election were: • At the Who Runs This Town debate at St. Lawrence Centre — the one with... Read More

News of the World

Last week, Spacing‘s Dale Duncan wrote an article in Eye Magazine about five great public space ideas from other cities. She... Read More

uTOpia Redux: The State of the Arts

On Sunday Coach House Books is launching the second volume of uTOpia, this time called “The State of the Arts: Living with... Read More

Toronto Life covers

Toronto Life just celebrated its 40th anniversary. That’s a huge accomplishment for a Canadian magazine, and even more... Read More

Automatic Train Control: What’s the Catch?

Crossposted to Transit Toronto. Image by David Cooper, courtesy the Toronto Star. TTC Chairman Howard Moscoe waxes on about the... Read More