This Friday is Bike Friday

This Friday — April 27 — is BIKE FRIDAY!

The Bike Friday concept is simple – meet up in groups and ride to work together. Biking to work can sometimes be dangerous – but it’s safer when you ride with other people. Drivers are a lot more careful around groups of cyclists.

Click on Bike Pools on the Bike Friday page of to find a group commute near you!

In my area, local MP Peggy Nash, will be hosting a bikers breakfast in front of the Parkdale Library, at 1303 Queen St. W. Come out and meet Peggy and get revved up on coffee before rolling down Queen street.

I will depart at 8:30 a.m. and ride down Queen to St. George and then on up to College.

The Grassroots bikers breakfast is at their Annex store this month, at 408 Bloor St. W. (at Brunswick). Come by for an early morning bicycle commuter breakfast between 8:00 – 9:30 a.m.

Something new this month too; while Grassroots provides re-usable mugs for the organic, fair-trade coffee provided by the Merchants of Green Coffee, everyone is welcome to bring their own mug.

On Friday afternoon I will report back on the various Bike Friday group commutes. I will also begin my series of cyclist profiles, in the lead up to Bike Week, starting with a mini-profile on Peggy Nash.

The weather network predicts a high of 15 (Celsius) and only a 30 percent chance of rain. So I’ll see you on two wheels on Friday!

Update: I just received word that local City councillor, Gord Perks, will also be there at 8 a.m. to support Bike Friday!


  1. Oh Tammy! How ever could you forget to mention Critical Mass?

    There’s no better way to end a hard month of bike commuting than with a community ride. Sunset’s always prettier when you’re with 100 other cyclists…

  2. OH Smitty! How could I forget? Thanks for the addition…and I’ll likely see you there! Last month’s CM was most enjoyable.

  3. I’ve only been on one CM ride (circa 2001) and I was disappointed, and haven’t been back. Being in a mass of riders on a sunny Friday afternoon was wonderful, but there were a contingent of extremely aggressive bike couriers that sort of dominated that would swear at cab drivers, say to them: “fuck off asshole cabby” though many of the cab drivers they verbally attacked had done nothing. They would also be rude to car drivers whose crime was just being in a car.

    It’s one thing to be pro-bike, and critique car culture, but this was over the top. Sort of like how some vegans lecture people about eating meat all the time — that sort of thing makes me want to stop being a vegetarian just to piss them off.

    I’m sure CM’s aren’t always like this, but is this sometimes the case?

  4. I don’t go to CM sometimes when I feel like Shawn does – that the more “extreme” parts of the bike community are being vocal.

    What I like about CM is that there is usually a wide range of people there – young (kids in trailers) to old, all professions – couriers to office professionals.

    I have a feeling it was more “militant” in 2001 than it is now (I’ve only been cycling a few years, so I can’t be sure) – now it’s like a party on wheels. Very relaxed – only tempers when a car hits someone during the ride.

  5. I have only been going for the past year. I am glad to say I have seen nothing like that. Even the SUV driver who barrelled past us was merely surrounded; no swearing, no touching of the abomination.

  6. Last month’s ride was really good.

    It was only my first CM but I noticed that most cyclists made an effort to wave to the stopped cars and the majority of the drivers sort of smiled and waved back.

    There were a few motorized Wankers determined to drive through the group but I guess eventually the possibility of an attempted manslaughter charge occurred to them and they ended up just waiting. The cops we passed pretended not to notice us.

    All in all it was great!
    See you this Friday.

  7. As I said, it’s peaceful. Mind you, if there were more people with my temper and politics, there would be a lot of U-lock induced dents on the vehicles of “motorized Wankers”.

  8. I’ve been conflicted with CM for awhile, though I’ve also had some perspective on them too – the ride after Erin Krauser’s funeral was huge and special. I don’t like the edge that some of them can and have had, but I do also like an edge sometimes too, just I haven’t felt I really wanted a ticket or an arrest.
    Some recent ones have been quite festive in their feel thanks Michael and so it’s tempting sometimes, and then I see some jerk biketype doing something less respectful/wise and then think “Hmm, why should I knock myself out even further for this passhole? (or whatever)” and don’t go on the larger mass. The feel about them can change fairly quickly depending on some of the guys and how the cops and cars react or don’t.
    I’ve sometimes thought that a mini-mass or 20 of clumping together in a block of riders doing more or less legal riding might also make the point, but I’m too chickenshit Canadian sometimes vs. roadical!

  9. the idea for blocks of 20 is a good one that our cyclist sisters and brothers in NY City may have to employ as the new “parade rules” say 50 or more must apply for a permit. VID and links to stories – see the Village Voice story for sure – here on streetsblog:
    Our CM is pretty tame in my opinion. Tame but freeing and fun, I should add!

  10. Thanks for the very very helpful link Tammy. There are clearly diversities of opinion, carist cops, passholes and carruption throughout Turtle Island. Not too much mention of the climate carisis though, and that’s a reason for getting angry/acting up a bit.

  11. hamish! loose those weird sayings, it’s extremely hard to follow what you write. what on earth is a passhole?

  12. I think there’s a few people meeting up at 6:30 at Dundas Square instead of Bloor & Spadina on Friday night… it’s a good idea… have multiple CM rides.

  13. Pardon me for being snitty, but do you mean lose or loose Shawn, and obviously I do let many terms loose upon the world. As for passhole, I try not to be one.

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