Tuesday’s Headlines

Hydrant hiding on patio gushes out $60 tickets [ Toronto Star ]
1967 a watershed year for Canada [ Toronto Star ]
McGuinty promises $935M to cities [ cbc ]
McGuinty hands nearly $1-billion to cities [ Globe and Mail ]
McGuinty eases city’s tax burden [ Toronto Star ]
New Ontario licences to include citizenship information [ cbc ]
Coalition urges Ontario to target common carcinogens [ Globe and Mail ]
Driver’s can again vote for Ontario’s worst roads [ Globe and Mail ]
New taxes, service cuts still in city’s future [ Globe and Mail ]
Streetcars of future seen at CNE [ National Post ]
Bailouts won’t stop cuts: Pantalone [ Toronto Sun ]


  1. If anyone knows a Toronto Sun reporter, could they please sneakily attach a sign to their back (grade school style!) saying “It’s not a bailout, it’s just paying the bill”…

  2. I may be in the minority, but I don’t feel sorry for drivers who get tickets for parking in front of obscure fire hydrants.

  3. Absolutely Ben, because making citizens feel like they might be tricked at any time is essential for building community spirit.

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