1. 1993 when the University of Windsor gave me my first internet account

    Hey me too – same time and place…and then, it was years of Usenet before the net really came around. I kinda miss trn…

  2. This is the most wonderful, and creepy, thing. The applications are endless. While working for the urban forestry department at the Town of Oakville we considered using this technology to inventory trees. The technology has the capacity to allow you to point at things on the screen and measure their size or distance (for instance, a person standing on a street corner or a tree).

    I love that it shows the little person icon walking along the map.

  3. Until ‘Street View’ appears outside the U.S., I guess I’ll have to settle with virtualcity.ca for Toronto street views.

  4. When are they doing Toronto? This will make it easier to give directions to people who can’t read maps.

  5. Wow. I wonder how Google got away with snapping photos at customs, when it’s so totally illegal? I’m surprised that the Google folk haven’t been thrown in jail for posting online what could easily qualify as “material that could threaten Homeland Security” given the U.S.’s broad and all-encompassing criteria.

  6. Wow. When I heard Detroit went online, I spent a few hours playing around with it. I missed the Customs photo though. Good catch!

  7. Wow, you’re all anti American and you insult the people of Detroit.

  8. Would be interesting to know, when Street View will be available for Greater Toronto Area.

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