Montreal Monday: Train station without trains, dead project, and shaky security

Photo of McTavish Reservoir by Controleman


Each Monday, we bring you some of the popular posts from our sister blog, Spacing Montréal. We’ll keep an eye open for topics and discussions that are pertinent to current public space issues in Toronto.

• The bones of a train station is beginning to take shape underneath Trudeau Airport but it may be without trains
servicing the station unless the government forks over more cash.  Christopher DeWolf explores the La Presse

• Chris Erb believes it is safe to predict that “Project Griffintown is dead” since Devimco is asking the cash-strapped city to pitch in with money.

•  Despite beefing up security at the McTavish Reservoir an urban explorer simply crossed the street and found an access route to the reservoir and its 37 million gallons of fresh water. Alanah Heffez asks whether this represents a dangerous security risk or if at all possible to reliably safeguard urban infrastructure?