Dept. of Funny Signs: Lovable

Lovable - ghost sign

This ghost sign is one of my favourites of all time. It’s on the east side of a building near the south-east corner of Adelaide and Portland — you can see it from St. Andrew’s Park. I like a ghost sign that pronounces such a positive sentiment.

When I was talking in the park during the Jane’s Walk I helped organize in my neighbourhood on May 3, some people in the group noticed it too, and I enthusiastically brought it to the whole group’s attention. Then my co-host on the walk, my neighbour and local historian Doug Taylor, revealed that it had in fact been a sign for the Lovable Brassiere company — making for an even more delightful story, and a reflection of my neighbourhood’s history as a garment manufacturing centre.

That was one of the wonderful aspects I found about hosting a Jane’s Walk — I discovered so much about my own neighbourhood, it was like a communal storytelling event.

Photo by Susheela Nirmalan-Nathan