Arts Vote 2010: Make your creative voice heard!

Arts Vote 2010 Launch Photo: Nicole Bruun-Meyer

Arts Vote recently launched their 2010 campaign to identify and support Arts and Culture friendly Mayoral candidates in the next Municipal election. The group, founded in 1993, aims to raise awareness within the cultural community regarding the importance of casting their vote.

One of Arts Vote’s main initiatives during the campaign is to create and distribute the Report Card, which distills each candidates views on issues relating to Arts and Culture in Toronto. This year they hope to host further events, such as a Mayoral Debate on Arts related issues. In between elections, Arts Vote promotes investing in the arts community by organizing deputations to City Council during budget time, which is crucial to the 100,000+ Torontonians employed in the Cultural sector.

When asked the question ‘Why I vote’, Arts Vote supporters revealed their sense of responsibility and belief in the ability to vote, with someone’s reason being, “It’s one way to shape my world to values that matter.” This year Toronto voters have another source for making their voice heard with the Setting the Agenda 2010 website. With a number of issue discussion pages, including a dedicated Arts and Culture page, this is your chance to get the issues on the table.

So,  Arts Vote will help provide the ‘who’, with Setting the Agenda helping provide the ‘what’.


  1. Am I misreading the paper in the image, or does it say:

    Why I vote? Because I to be responsibility!

  2. Pardon me. It says “I take responsibility”. I apologize for the snotty post.

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