Sim City: Walking and LRT in Spacington

Spacington is slowly getting bigger. The population is still low at around 1,500 residents, but nevertheless the city has adopted it’s first LRT system. The current LRT system consists of only one line, but the square-shaped route replaces previous car commutes to the opposite side of the city. Although thet LRT in Spacington isn’t heavily used, it more importantly initiated the groundwork for future transit.

The city is divided into mixed use streets and sections. Therefore, the majority of residence commute by walking at most a couple of blocks or in some cases only across the street (shown in the picture above).

Spacington has become a stranger to heavy pollution and is deeply focused on wind-power (its only sustainable option) or any method that emits low amounts of pollution. Directly related to both the zero-to-low pollution and cross-the-street commuting, the citizens of Spacington are “Calm and Content.” The assessment meters in Environment, Health, Safety, Traffic, Education, and Land Value are displayed with vibrate bright green success. And, unlike our own major, the high major rating hasn’t skipped a beat. The city is clearly still in early development stages and isn’t much of a “city” yet — it’s more like a small town — but it’s beginning to show promising signs of becoming a 21st century urban centre.

What should we concentrate on this week?


  1. Monorail to the football stadium which is on the waterfront.

  2. You’re going to want to clear out the housing in the downtown core and replace it with empty commercial lots, and I can’t help but notice that the unpopulated woodland to the left doesn’t yet have a subway tunnel.

    Also your jazzing up of the waterfront is taking far too long!

  3. Looks great! Just a Simcity4 amateur here, but how did you get an LRT route as a transportation option??

  4. Wondering how those 1500 people got there? No connection to the outside world!

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