Sim City: Heritage buildings in Spacington

It’s development time here in Spacington and we’ve made the jump from small town to big town. To celebrate the small but substantial development, Spacington has designated a few of its own historical buildings.

One of our favourite features in Sim City is the “make historical” option which allows for any building to be designated as heritage. This feature proves to be very similar to the work of heritage preservation acts and allows us to choose particular buildings that we wish to preserve. The home shown above is designated “historical” and is preserved not only architecturally but in its current zoning of high density residential.

Spacington has grown and gained new streets, neighborhoods, and a beach (one of the game’s best options for waterfront use), but our public transit—currently the lone LRT line—is still underutilized. Therefore, we have yet to focus on any new forms of transit until the current system is occupied.

For next week:  Strategies on city budget. What are your suggestions?

Where should the funding go? What are the right tax percentages for residential, commercial, industrial?

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  1. Can we get more pictures of this place, please? It’s really hard to think about it (or care) when you’ve got no idea what’s going on. Could do with maybe an image of each quarter with a few annotations about land use.


  2. Do I see a wind turbine down by the lake in the edge of the bottom photo? 🙂

  3. Taxes:

    Sim-City is a right wing game as far as the economics are concerned. Slash your commercial and industrial taxes to keep jobs in the city, and keep taxes on high-end residential developments low as well, as these properties tend to look nicer and raise the land values for everyone. The poor and middle class residential units form an excellent tax base.

    I am curious: what is maintenance on your mass-transit system and what is revenue? This is detailed in the budget. How much did it cost to build?


  4. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if those plazas are from the parks menu and aren’t pedestrian mall tiles, I don’t think anyone other than the occupants of that house can use that LRT station.

  5. Nevermind, didn’t notice it was tram-on-street, which I haven’t used yet.

  6. Actually, even posting the saved games would be great. Would be nice to load it up in SC4 and poke around.

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