Sim City: Creating A Waterfront Community

Since the name “The Beaches” has recently become available for the taking, we’ve transformed a piece of Spacington’s waterfront into our very own The Beaches. Discussed and shown last week, we added a waterfront. New shoreline amenities are now part of the city. They allow Sims to interact with our waterfront, water gaze, and dive into some water activities. So in The Beaches it was all about providing a waterfront community to live in.

The community is not entirely residential; we’ve added a couple commercial spaces as well. A residential neighbourhood with a few restaurants and offices mixed in. In the end it’s odd, but most of the new waterfront architecture resembles a southern California beach town during the 1980s. Wasn’t our choice, but we like it.

A couple other great things happened as well. One, our new neighbouring city, “Massossauga” (intentionally misspelled) and Spacington have connected and begun trading both goods and jobs. The cities import and export each other’s products, and provide mainly Spacington with some needed jobs. Not too many jobs at the moment, but enough to remove all the no job logos that have worried and lingered.

The population hasn’t grown substantially in Spacington recently, but our space for outward growth is running thin. Any new growth has stayed in the established city. This ends up being great. There are new residential buildings with 1,200 to 3,000 units. We can’t grow out so we’ve grown up, which is exactly what we wanted.

Lastly, some input. This is probably the biggest open section that Spacington has left. It happens to be right by the water, The Beaches, city hall, and some really great neighbourhoods. What do we do with it? Before we share our opinion about it and the reasons we left it clean, tell us what you would like to see. If you have any questions that need answering before you can suggest something, or any photos you need to see, let us know and I’m sure we can help you out.

For next week: What to do with the green space?

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  1. These water-front apartment builds remind me of the apartment buildings in New Toronto which cut off public access to the waterfront and force the waterfront trail onto Lakeshore. Bad, bad, bad!!!

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