Sim City: A Better Look at Spacington.

While Spacington gets a little bit larger  (the population is now up to 100, 000), and we try to get a jump start on the two things we are going to talk about next week — city slums and public transit — here are some photos to give a closer look at Spacington. Like always, let us know your feedback on what has been going on in Spacington.

High-density commercial building next to the university. This building is one of the few new business “tower” buildings in Spacington.

A city market. One of the two markets in downtown Spacington. Farmers markets, farmers markets, farmers markets.

A new addition to Spacington: a convention centre. The centre has increased demand for new business in Spacington.

South-east end of the city.

South-west end of the city.

North-west end of the city.

North-east end of the city.

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  1. The airport is far too small if you wish to grow and get more business. Replace the existing municipal airport with the larger ‘Small International Airport,’ and you may get more of those commercial towers being built. Also, try to push it close to the edge of the map so at least some of its negative effects are removed from your city. High wealth/tech residences, commerce, and industry don’t want to be located next to an airport. I’d advise putting less ‘desirable’ items (recycling plant, power plant if not clean energy, army base, etc) near the airport so the negative fallout from each is at least combined to be as minimal as possible.

  2. I’d like to see a shot of the region. I think maybe doing a post focusing on neighboring cities might be fun too.

  3. There sure seem to be a lot of surface parking lots for such a high density city.

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