Sim City: Transit for Change

People have jobs. The “slum” we discussed last week has begun to come around and seemingly, it was an easy fix. This particular neighborhood had a couple bus stops, usually with only a 30% usage. But after noticing a few empty corners with no bus shelters or transit, we added a few more. That worked. Within a couple sim days the no jobs logos disapeared and transit boosted its use to something we now don’t know how to handle.

The photo above shows a neighborhood corner in Spacington- our slum neighborhood from last week -with one of the new bus stations. This station since its beginning has had usage of about 134% and seen 1340 Sims in and out its doors in just one month. More than it can handle, more than we know how to handle -there is already stations of almost every corner.

Needless to stay, the bus and slum problems we used to know aren’t really problems anymore. So then what’s next?

For next week: What if we did subways? Just what if?

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  1. If transit demand would support a higher-level service, then by all means, upgrade.

  2. Is there a clear pattern where these Sims are heading? If so then you could justify tracking out a simple Subway. If their destinations are still sporadic then it would bleed your coffers dry. Search around for a “bus lane” plug-in which blocks cars, you can make cheap BRT lines for your City. If your trying to keep it clean with as little plug-ins then maybe look are resurrecting LRT? 

    The issue with Subways is that the default stations offer the same capacity issues as Bus stations for the most part. You then end up thinning the line out with to many stations versus a widely used feeder system like ours. 

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