1. The National Post published artistic renderings for the proposed Caesars casino today and they made me think of this post: http://tinyurl.com/a28z33y

    The first thing I would observe about it is that I’ve been to a number of casinos in Ontario, including the Caesars in downtown Windsor, and one of their distinguishing characteristics is the complete and utter absence of pedestrians in the vicinity. Most people don’t even use the front doors; they just come in from the parking garage.

    My experience of casinos stands in contrast to what I would describe as the wildly optimistic renderings published today.  One image in particular -http://tinyurl.com/asoqxd8 – appears to have been shot with a shotgun full of photoshopped people. One almost imagines that the purpose of the drawing was not to show any details of the building, its scale, or its relationship to other built elements, but simply to convince the viewer that rather than shunning the unloved park and parking lots that will be bolted to the side of a coldblooded profit-generating megastructure, people will really, really stand outside of it.

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