Instaflaneur — Toronto’s new Corktown Common park & it’s Dubai views

Corktown Common recently opened and we paid a visit last weekend. The view from the Teletubby-like spash pad is of both the Toronto we know and the Toronto that’s coming soon.


  1. This looks really great! A refreshment in the city. Toronto really needs more green surfaces and not concrete jungles like the Underpass Park. I mean it was a great idea to use that space, but it’s seems kind of cold to me. Not a place I’d like to spend my afternoon. Corktown Common looks much more friendly.

  2. I disagree Pete,
    I have visited both the corktown commons, and underpass park and find both uniquely fascinating!
    They were designed for different groups and purposes and i think the materials chosen reflect that!
    Not to mention how difficult it can be to grow an attractive landscape under an overpass with very limited sunlight and water.
    The parks that I have seen Toronto develop recently give me a great deal of hope for the future along the waterfront.

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