Superboxes, Megabins & Freedom of the Press

The Globe & Mail reports today on the move towards aggregating the muddle of newspaper boxes on our public streets. Although it is... Read More

Congestion Inflation

The Toronto Star reports that congestion is costing us $2.3B-$3.7B a year and that the new provincial budget is planning to spend... Read More


The Guardian reports that Melbourne’s street art scene is being culture cleansed for the Commonwealth games. Meanwhile adidas is... Read More

Crazy cycle lanes

BBC news asked readers for photos of bizarre bike lanes and got some good ones. Read More

Planning Site of the Day

Spacing magazine is the planning site of the day today on Cyburbia. Cyburbia is a great planning portal with lots of resources... Read More

Taxing Parking

While the TTC is begging the provice for money – Vancouver’s transit authority Translink is getting beat up about their... Read More


What is the geographic impact of advertising on our cities? We know that advertising pervades our urban environment but what would a... Read More

Emotion Mapping

Check out this amazing project by artist Christian Nold who collaborated with local residents from the Greenwich Peninsula in London... Read More

Urban Imbalance – Exquisite Corpse

The city is bankrupt. We need more transit and other services. Miller talks to McGuinty – the province is broke. McGuinty talks... Read More

Public Chairs

Used chairs are taken from the trash and are being transformed into public property by spraying the words “public chair” on them... Read More