Neighbourhood Watch

View from Brownsville Bar Park, North Surrey, BC. 110813-12. Courtesy of waferboard.

A weekly roundup of noteworthy news in municipalities across B.C.

  • Cities are always grappling with containing costs particularly when it concerns infrastructure maintenance. In seeking ways to stretch every dollar further, East Vancouverites find themselves the subject of a four-year experiment by way of a rubber sidewalk fashioned entirely out of recycled tires.
  • The City of Abbotsford refuses to be treated like refuse. That city is likely to officially file its opposition to Metro Vancouver’s proposal to build a garbage incinerator as part of its regional waste management plan on the advice of city staff.
  • Though the District of Lake Country near Kelowna is far from broke, its Mayor concedes the region is struggling with an infrastructure deficit. Thus a visit to Victoria to ask the province to lobby Ottawa for long term funding was in order.
  • At long last, a once crime addled housing complex in Maple Ridge is being demolished to make way for new townhomes.
  • In West Vancouver, newly installed bus shelters are the cause of resident consternation because they’re alleged to be blocking the sidewalk and posing a potential threat to pedestrians.
  • If you reside in the East Richmond neighbourhood of Hamilton, your trek to the closest grocery store just got longer. The entire community is without a grocery store for 15 kilometres after the local PriceSmart shut its doors last weekend.