Contributing to the Post-referendum discussion on Price Tags


The results of the referendum should be out sometime in June – likely when I will be out of town from June 22 to July 14.  Normally, I would just put my blog Price Tags on hold until return – but the post-referendum period is too important for that.

I’d like to use Price Tags ( as the go-to forum to discuss some critical questions, depending on the outcome.

If Yes:

  • How did the Yes side succeed?
  • What should be the first priorities?
  • What should happen to the TransLink regardless?

If No:

  • What is the meaning of No?
  • What will be the consequences, short- and long-term?
  • How do we get to Yes?

Prior to the results, send me a few paragraphs on your predictions and thoughts on the significance of the referendum and what it means for the region.  I welcome observations on the politics, lessons learned, personal perspectives – or any item that gets the discussion going.

Send them to me directly at   I will select those to post as individual items, and invite further response by readers.

After the results are known, I’ll be turning off the automatic comments function on Price Tags.  Readers may still comment on any selected post, but they will not be publicly visible.  I will select those contributions that add something worthwhile to the dialogue and post them as separate items or part of a discussion thread.

So no flame wars, domination by a few, endless repetition.  Just good-quality content on a critical issue.