Born and raised in Surrey, Don has returned to the land of his youth after about a quarter of a century elsewhere. But do you ever really leave? Don works for a media company in Vancouver as a production hack, schlepping together print and online products. Reach him through his half-done site which is all about, wait for it… Surrey.

Pop-up parks: Surrey Central goes gingham

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Employment Insurance Beneficiaries South of the Fraser Compared to the Other Side

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Imagine Surrey: Four Speakers Look at the New Downtown Centre

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2012 InReview: The vague terrain of art in the generic city

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Where are all the commercial vehicles? Surrey.

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More building permits given out South of the Fraser

Economic confidence > A comparison of building permits issued throughout the GVRD from 1998-2011 It’s not really a race... Read More

The vague terrain of art in the generic city

The same day Beyond Vague Terrain: The City and the Serial Image closed at the Surrey Art Gallery, Artswest had an exhibition in the... Read More

Lightmodal: public art that isn’t so public

Here’s art with no vision, goals, and of a doubtful legacy. I stole those headings from the Necklace Project website... Read More

An urban screen opening in Surrey

I walked by the Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre in Surrey on Friday, December 2 at 5:50 pm. It was still early, but in winter, when the... Read More

Greenways in Surrey: a look at Quibble Creek

Greenways are still rather new in city planning. The term was coined in 1995, and the idea of planning urban pathways that... Read More