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Book Review From the Stacks: Partnerships in Urban Property Development

Authors: Nigel Dubben and Brendan Williams (Wiley, 2009) When developments are created it is generally the property developer or... Read More

Full-Scale Model of Bombardier Flexity Freedom Coming to Surrey (July 1) and Vancouver (July 5-8th)

It’s been 2 years, one month, and three days since the Bombardier Olympic Streetcar got sent back to Belgium for good. But... Read More

The Sockeye Special: The Story of the Steveston Tram and early Lulu Island

Author: Ron Hyde (Friesens Corporation, 2011) Slowly but surely, Metro Vancouver is recreating the original interurban rail network... Read More

Transport for Suburbia

Author: Paul Mees (Earthscan, 2010) There are certain books that I know I’m going to enjoy as soon as I see the title. Paul... Read More

Building Type Basics for Transit Facilities

Author: Kenneth W. Griffin (John Wiley & Sons, 2004) We’ve all been in poorly designed train stations. Inadequate lighting... Read More

Metro Vancouver Mayors Make Bold Bid to Fund Regional Transit

Poor Evergreen Line. You’ve been talked about for so long that we thought you’d already been built. But no, here it is... Read More

Partnerships in Urban Property Development

Property development is a fascinating game with a range of players that increases with the size and complexity of the project. Things... Read More

Vancouver Turns 125, Public Transit 121

We kick off Vancouver’s quasquicentennial year with a look back at the opening of Vancouver’s first public transit system... Read More

The Colourful Buses of Seoul

Transit systems always want to paint their buses in matching colours so that riders can spot them easily. But what if different bus... Read More

High(er) Speed Rail May Yet Reach Vancouver

As always, events south of the border will have an immediate impact upon Canada. In the case of high(er) speed rail, the recent... Read More