The Strathcona Story: A community that fought back, and the Architect that helped rebuild

In December of 1968, the residents of one of Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhoods, Strathcona, were faced with losing their... Read More

Jane’s Walk Vancouver Orientation—April 14th

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Where Happiness and Urban Design Intersect: An Interview with Happy City Author, Charles Montgomery

Charles Montgomery is a man with an obsession.  He’s spent years investigating the link between cities and happiness... Read More

Video: Happy Vancouver

This video, set to“Happy,” the Pharrell William’s song from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack, celebrates everyday Vancouverites. Read More

Video Vancouver: Coming Home

Train Tracks: Rituals, Rules and Ridership on the West Coast Express

Every day starts like this: You arrive at the station, at the same time, every day. You pull into your parking stall, pay for your... Read More

Invitation to Vancouver Heritage Foundation’s Places That Matter: Original Border

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Storage Facility Helping Vancouver’s Homeless Get Off the Streets

Imagine having to carry your belongings with you at all times. You would not be able to go to a doctor’s appointment or job... Read More