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Spacing Shorts 005: Adrian Corry, international transit advisor

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Spacing sat down with Adrian Corry, an international transit consultant, to discuss recent trends in public transportation and how different technologies can be used to serve different civic need. Corry said that in order to get people out of their cars and into transit, the experience must improve. “People are used to riding in their cars. They have their sense of being in control: they have their own coffee, they have their ability to connect, they have their cellphones, they can listen to the radio. And they feel basically that they are in control of the situation,” he said.  Essentially, public transit must be able to compete with this in order to make trading in your car for the subway the more attractive option. He also noted that cities must look elsewhere when considering their own transit options.  “Looking at what other cities are doing, what else is happening around the world is absolutely an imperative,” he said.

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