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London mayor unveils £1 billion cycling plan

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London is effectively overhauling the city’s cycling infrastructure with a master plan that will spend £1 billion.

The plan includes a 117 km “crossrail for the bike” that will be mostly Dutch-style segregated lanes connecting east and west of the city. The path includes 21 km of underground tunnel through central London.

There will be semi-segregated lanes along certain streets, and signposts designating “quiet ways” along back streets.

“The Westway, the ultimate symbol of how the urban motorway tore up our cities, will become the ultimate symbol of how we are claiming central London for the bike,” said the Mayor.

Here’s a concept animation of the planned cycle boulevard:

Via Inhabitat and Gizmo

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  1. Make sure to write your Councillor, your MPP, city staff and Metrolinx to ensure that part of the Big Move’s funding strategy is earmarked and committed to for active transportation projects.