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Hug a tree, it might just be saving your life

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A new study from the U.S. Forest Service says that “urban forests” could save your life.

The study shows “large-scale” correlation between human health and tree coverage in the city and that these trees prevent deaths.

Researches found that trees help filter the air of fine particulate matter that occurs when fossil fuels are burned. When these fine particles are inhaled into the lungs they are thought to cause inflammation of airways and blood vessels. This, in turn, can be very dangerous for those with existing heart and lung disease.

Of the cities studied, Atlanta was first overall, removing 64.5 metric tons through the city’s dense urban forest. The study estimated that in New York, an average of eight lives a year are saved by urban forests.

Via US News

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  1. Yes, such studies are causing concern here in Ottawa. Approximately 25 percent of our trees are ash and its possible that we may loose almost all of them due to emerald ash borer (EAB). As more ash trees die we will likely see more deaths here than in other cities such as Toronto where ash trees make up only 7 percent of their urban canopy.

    A recent study found that EAB’s effects could be linked to more than 21,000 deaths (across 15 states since 2002) in areas where EAB was attacking only 2 to 10 percent of forest trees. Here in Ottawa EAB is attacking up to 25 percent of our trees.