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Breather: unlocking private urban spaces

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Our cities are enormous labyrinths of private and public spaces. Yet, within that enormity, most of those spaces are inaccessible.

However, thanks to a new start-up, Breather, those spaces may soon be unlocked at the touch of a finger by way of a smart-phone app.

Have you ever been itching to get work done but distractions slow you down at home? Or have you been out in the City and find yourself needing to kill a couple hours? Well soon, instead of buying some space at Starbucks (which usually costs as much as a latte), Breather will help you locate a space nearby (whether it’s a small space downtown or a large space on the edge of town) and you pay for the duration of your stay.

These spaces are completely versatile and private. Breather suggests some possibilities on their web-site for your stay: take a nap, prepare a presentation, make a phone call, meditate, charge  your phone, meet a client, read a book, etc.

Breather is launching its service by unlocking several spaces in large American cities and has plans to expand over the next couple months.

Via The Pop-Up City

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