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Spacing the new steward of the Jane Jacobs Prize; 2014 winners announced March 25th


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It is with great pleasure that Avana Capital Corporation and Spacing announce that the magazine will be the new steward of the Jane Jacobs Prize. Since 1997, Avana, through Ideas That Matter, has recognized the exemplary work of 17 individuals and groups who contribute to the fabric of Toronto life in unique ways that exemplify the ideas of Jane Jacobs.

The Jane Jacobs Prize recipients reflect the diverse aspects of city life. They may not always agree on what makes the city work or what the answers are to making it work better, but their observations and backgrounds have become part of our urban experience and enrich our lives.

Avana has decided to pass on the responsibilities of the Jane Jacobs Prize to Spacing — a winner of the Prize in 2010 — because of their intimate awareness of city building in the Toronto region, and indeed across the country. Spacing is attentive to the people and ideas that are shaping the city today and for the future. “I think Spacing will breathe a whole new life into the award and find people we never could have,” says Alan Broadbent, chair of Ideas That Matter.

Spacing is honoured and excited to take on this new role. The staff of Spacing have a tremendous respect for the life work of Ms. Jacobs and believe that one of the best ways to keep her legacy alive is to reward those who not only share her ideas, but also live them.

The winner of the 2014 Jane Jacobs Prize will be announced on Tuesday, March 25th, to be followed by a ceremony on Friday, March 28th as part of the release of spring issue of Spacing at 918 Bathurst Centre. For more information on the event check out the party’s announcement.

Contact Spacing’s publisher Matthew Blackett with any media requests.


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  1. With such a large, cold winter, maybe hell freezed over and Rob Ford has a chance at getting at least a nomination.