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Public Toilet summit

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Yes, there is a conference for every possible topic or vocation out there. The World Toilet Summit is wrapping up today in Belfast, Ireland. One of the goals of the summit is to bring attention to all levels of government around the world about the poor state of public toilets. I think we all have experienced an insanely gross loo in our days. As one person from the summit said, “This affects our quality of life.”

Some of the choice objectives of the coference, found on the WTS website: 1. To introduce a global ‘away from home’ toilet grading scheme which can be acknowledged / recognised by travellers / providers all over the world; 2. To discuss the rising problem of urination in public places and possible solutions; and 3. To discuss marketing / sponsorship opportunities associated with ‘away from home’ toilet provision (which is a thinly veiled way of saying let’s put ads in their faces while they piss). Lastly, I’ve checked the sites related to the summit, and strangely, not one of them has a photo of what a bad toilet looks like.