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SPACING PRESENTS: Toronto the Good, Tonight


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When: Tonight, starting at 7pm
Where: Fermenting Cellar, Distillery District
Who: DJ Chris Thinn
How Much: $10 gets you into the building, plus food
Cash Bar

Dear Torontonian,

The Festival of Architecture and Design will take place again in May, and the folks at ERA Architects, Spacing Magazine and [murmur] are throwing another Toronto the Good party to celebrate your faithful city. This year the Toronto Society of Architects are also co-hosting, and they will be announcing the winner of their “Design Matters” competition, which will be on display during the party. They also want to introduce all of you to Wireless Toronto, an all-volunteer community group celebrating their 2nd anniversary providing free community wireless hotspots in cafés, bars, and outdoor places like Dufferin Grove Park and Dundas Square. Come by anytime for some food, drink, interactive and wireless games, and a room full of nice people who care about me.


PS: if you want to let us know you’re coming you can send an email to us or you can RSVP on our Facebook event listing.



  1. and the question no one’s willing to ask aloud, but we’re all thinking…is it open bar again this year? 🙂

  2. diana> Not this year, but we’ve lowered the entry fee by half. Food is still all part of it. The drinks will be cheap though. Like 1982 cheap.

    Last year the soldiers in fatigues who came over to the party at Fort York from the nearby armory (they were about to ship out to Afghanistan) ended up alternately deep kissing and heavy petting girls at the back of the barracks and/or throwing up behind the block house by the end of the night. We don’t want to limit that possibility again, but the armory is father away now.

  3. I wasn’t alive in 1982, let alone of drinking age. How much did alcohol cost back then?

  4. I was only taking occasional sips of my Dad’s rum and cokes at that point (“the funny tasting coke”), so I’m not sure. But I would guess at least half the price of a current drink at a non-dump but non-Drake Toronto bar.

  5. Oh, and you should create a Facebook event for this ASAP, so I can invite all of my friends. Toronto the Good was the single best event I went to last year (beating out even Nuit Blanche and TIFF’s opening night party).

  6. Haha, so much free beer last year. So much.

    Will Miller be on hand to fire a cannonball at the Gardiner again?

    I’ll be there!

  7. Of all the people I know, Kevin is indeed the one most likely to own a cannon.

  8. There is an old ship buried under the parking lot near the air Canada centre. There has got to be some cannons down there.

  9. Oh no – it is exactly at the same time as the first outdoor drum circle of the year at Trinity Bellwoods, which is free :/

  10. Hippies and their drums will be checked at the door, so you don’t have to worry about the terrible noise spoiling the evening.

    There is less to eat in Trinity Bellwoods though.

  11. Actually since the drumming has to end at 11 sharp, I can still make it to the Distillery before last call

    mm Mill Street organic! so good!

  12. how are the hangovers? anyone?

    mine still lingers like an awkward date.

    nice seeing/meeting you all. besos.