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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered



  1. I missed the news about the new architects for the Spadina stations — very exciting. I’ve met Will Alsop several times and a TTC station is the perfect commission for him. He can work with volumes and colors on a tight budget very well. I also know the people at Grimshaw’s NY office who worked on the now much-reduced WTC/Fulton transit hub and I imagine they will probably be the ones tasked to Toronto. Whatever Foster touches is gold. I’m guessing Davis Brody Bond will handle the work for Adeas as their North American office, but they aren’t really known for transit…

  2. [The last link mistakenly points to the second story]

  3. If the Will Alsop-designed stations end up in the same sorry state as the rest of the system, he may want to select neglect-proof materials in his design.

  4. One can only hope that any new downtown stations will have some starchitects or top Canadian talent. You know, stations where a lot of different people (commuters, tourists, occasional riders) will actually see the unique station designs.

    (And of course, one hopes that they’ll be maintained properly.)