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  1. I must be one of the few who actually thinks Porter is good for Downtown Toronto.

  2. I like Porter too, but I’m concerned about how well it’s going to scale as it grows. I flew on the weekend and it was very busy. I think there are real, valid concerns about how much traffic is reasonable for that airport.

  3. From “Off to work they go”:

    The 2006 census found a measly 1.7% of Torontonians commute to work by bicycle; 4.5% walk. More than 70% drive. Ms. Bambrick said that data is skewed, however, because it includes all of Greater Toronto. It doesn’t paint an accurate picture of how many cyclists ride in the downtown core, she said.

    While the percentage of residents commuting to work via bicycle increases downtown, it is still a pretty small percentage. 3% in the immediate downtown core and the area east of downtown. 5% in the area west of downtown (basically, west of Bathurst and south of Bloor). Once you get into North York, Scarborough and Etobicoke it is basically negligible.

    (Source: 2006 Transportation Tomorrow Survey)

  4. The front page of the Toronto section of the Star (print edition) had a nice big photo of recycling bins awaiting collection in front of what is stated to be the mayor’s house.

    I don’t see it in the online edition.

  5. Gee, sure would be nice to have a bridge going over to the Island Airport instead of having all that conjestion at the bottom of Bathurst. If we had a bridge the problem would be solved and if the airport did financially fail people living on the islands would have direct access and the City would not have to subsidize their cottage lifestyle with year round ferry service. To bad that Miller caused taxpayers $40 million to not have a bridge.

  6. The ferry is cool, and the Port Authority should be abolished. Rage on McD.

  7. Paul, I work in construction and everyone in the industry knew that the Bridge had already been tendered in good faith because Toronto Council had approved it yet Miller went in and and reversed a signed contractual committment and claimed that there should be no financial liability when he knew that was not the case. Politically strong at he time he forced the Feds to come up with the money to buy out the Contractor and Porter and as a lawyer he knew they had to but insists to this day the contrary. The $40 million lost for nothing was money Toronto never got, just as his grandsatnding of federal stimulus money has probably cost the City $100 million. And people wonder why the Feds have no liking for Miller?
    That is not rage but pretty much simple facts.