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  1. Woohoo! I’ve hearing about this “East York” place for years. Michael Prue and Justin Van Dette keep raving about it.

    It’s about time us downtown pinkos got off our asses and ventured beyond the Old City.

    See you there!

  2. Cosburn bikelane rolls right past the East York Civic Centre (a couple streets north) Stay strong Goldsbie! You can leave the Gladstone neighbourhood and remain true to Toronto!

  3. This sounds like the stampeding that the Harris/Eves
    people did when something came up. Hurry things along
    and require a decision before anyone can mount an
    effective opposition.

    Remember how the wards were re-designed earlier
    this decade? The announcement was made on Monday
    and the decision had to be by Thursday because Queen’s
    Park does not have a sitting day on Friday.

    It got City Hall in a fluster and everyone running about
    excitedly with the fear of more dire consequences from
    QP if they couldn’t come up with a solution.

    That’s a classic case of stampeding.

    Ford’s been doing it since day one and the right
    leaning press is rejoicing in it. The right leaning
    press also pointed out how some of the councillors
    tried to thwart debate by asking questions!
    And what is a city council to do–act like an echo chamber?

    All one need do is cast one’s mind back to the many
    council meetings where Ford himself slowed proceedings
    by asking the trivial of questions on so many issues and
    stalling procedings. Now the Fordists are complaining
    about the shoe being on the other foot.

    Watch for more stampeding in the future and reflect
    on how much better off Stampede City is with its
    new mayor.

  4. Downtown pinkos needn’t worry about coming to Coxwell. We elected Jack Layton federally, Peter Tabuns provincially, Mary Fragedakis to council, and Cathy Dandy to the school board. South and east of us are progressive councillors Paula Fletcher and Janet Davies, and of course Michael
    Prue’s constituency office is a couple of blocks away. It’s a full house. My street is solid
    orange at election time, all the way to East York centre.

    We’ve got your back. Come on out!