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  1. I’ve spoken to Zane about this very topic several times and I agree with his ideas and concept whole heartedly. Having been to places in the US where food trucks are part of the core of the cities, I think it would be a wonderful addition to the City of Toronto. Bring on food trucks!!

  2. While I happen to agree with him, it is kind of self-serving coming from Mr. Caplansky. Can we next ask condo developers if they think towers should be taller?

  3. I worked in NYC for 7 years and with few exceptions, space efficient vendor carts, not food trucks, are part of the fabric of the city. The same thing is mostly the case in Toronto with the exception of the embarrassing block of City Hall trucks, and ice cream trucks that wander the city.
    The trucks run their motors that power the generators at all times. In addition to noise, the trucks and generators give off powerful diesel fumes.
    Even out in Toronto’s large parks, the food trucks managed to annoy their neighbours.
    Caplansky wanted a better location, arguing – “People who go in parks are unemployed people, people walking their dogs or people looking to score sex or drugs—not people looking for food.”