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50 Objects That Define Toronto: CN Tower Whisky Bottle


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Spacing teamed up with FIBE TV1 last year to create a series based on our first book 50 Objects That Define Toronto. Once a week we will be posting a new segment from the series.

This week’s object: CN Tower whisky bottle

Spacing surveyed some of the most well-read local historians and know-it-alls to come up with this fantastic list. The editors aimed to reflect the city’s culture, commerce, athletics, politics, diversity, and pre-European history. While no list like this could ever be considered perfect, these 50 objects are an excellent starting point for readers to dive deeper into the city’s fascinating and compelling history.

Time capsules are usually buried, but here’s one you can carry in your pocket. A city guide for visitors, locals, and ghosts, 50 Objects That Define Toronto is an eye-opening and sometimes heartbreaking survey of 12,000 years of human habitation on the shores of Lake Ontario. A beautiful object itself, Spacing’s charming book carries on the magazine’s tireless dedication to the history, politics, and culture of this great city. It’s a wonderful book and a gesture of love.

—Michael Redhill, author of Consolation

The book is sold exclusively at the Spacing Store (401 Richmond St. W.) and through the Spacing Store website.

PRICE: $15 / SIZE: 3.5” x 5” / PAGES: 136