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ELECTION: Spacing Radio has you covered

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From the early days of campaign planning, to Doug Ford’s assault on Toronto city hall, and the mayoral and council races that followed, our Spacing Radio podcast has examined every angle of your Toronto election.

If you’re looking to catch up before heading to the polls on October 22, here’s a guide to all of our coverage:

  • Winning Women: in an effort to address the fact Toronto city council is mainly comprised of white men, a grassroots group stepped-up to provide campaign training for aspiring, diverse candidates.
  • The People vs. Doug Ford: when the premiere announced he would slash the number of Toronto council seats from 47 to 25 in the middle of an election, it send candidates scrambling. Some rallied against it, some had to adjust their campaigns, and some were forced to drop out of the race entirely.
  • Election Panel 1: Spacing Senior Editor John Lorinc, and the Toronto Star’s city hall reporter Jennifer Pagliaro talk about the fallout from Bill 5, mayoral contenders, and who (if anyone) can stand up to Doug Ford.
  • Election Panel 2: CBC city hall analyst Matt Elliott and Spacing urban affairs columnist Tricia Wood talk transit and city finances. Which mayoral candidate has the best transit plan?
  • Election Panel 3: What has John Tory’s legacy as mayor been? How can the city pay for the things it wants? And what do we do about all that underused land? TVO’s digital media producer John Michael McGrath and Globe and Mail columnist Denise Balkissoon get into it.


photo by Travis Wise