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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered



  1. Calgary and Edmonton lost their charters in yesterday’s budget.

  2. I think the Cons are intent upon squelching as much democracy as possible, regardless of costs. In our ‘Dougmockery’, while the Council is shrunk and thus it really is harder to get any minutes of a busy Councillor’s time, the majority, (suburban, with less pressure) are taking advantage of that to shut out and trim inputs, and thus we’re well on our way to massive mistakes, or even more of them. The latest is the ‘deal’ with the province on the transit priorities, amended to give a real kick to the TTC/core by over-investing in less-wise suburban situations that the private sector wouldn’t come close to if it were private money, and $crewing the core, and three minutes in a rushed timeline was all one had for multiple issues. Too bad there’s not enough interest to declare TO a ‘Dougsaster’ zone, but we’re headed that way, especially as all these billions of work (maybe) are not that smart, though sure, we need Relief, but why not convert the DVP? (as one example).