Born and raised in Etobicoke, Sheraz is an urban planner trying to make sense of Toronto, its people and its place in the world.

Last chance to see After Utopia: an Exhibition Expressing the Beauty of a Neighbourhood

After Utopia is on at the Urbanspace Gallery at 401 Richmond Street W until Saturday, November 19. The gallery is open from 9:00am... Read More

Recycling and shared space — A walk through an apartment dweller’s experience

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If a tree falls in Etobicoke, does anyone notice? (Yes)

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Undergrad commuter chronicles — a University of Toronto student’s movement through the city

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Reading Toronto on the drive from the airport: Toronto’s accidental city gate

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Quick comparisons between Toronto’s and Chicago’s street grids

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A Torontonian abroad: German tourism, first impressions and Canada’s Wonderland

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Toronto-itis: How I dealt with that uneasy feeling returning home to an adolescent city

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EVENT: Listen to Toronto at Labspace Studio’s “The Noise Project”

WHAT: The Noise Project by Labspace Studio WHERE: 99 Gallery (99 Sudbury Street, in the West Queen West Triangle) WHEN: Friday, July... Read More

Etobicoke stories: the DIY shortcut to Eatonville Library

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