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City Conversations: Development, Density, Dollars: What do residents get?, August 1, 2013

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Via SFU City Conversations:

A regularly-heard Vancouver refrain is that greedy developers are destroying our city’s vaunted quality of life, and that politicians are in their (deep) pockets. Then again, developers say that the city’s demands for contributions in return for project approvals drive up their costs and raisehousing prices for all. And recently, there have been claims that all developer contributions are going to an affordable housing fund, resulting in shortages of parks, day care centres and other public amenities.


What’s the truth? What public projects are funded by new developments? Are the city’s priorities your priorities? Is Vancouver losing the balance of development and public amenities that have made it so famously livable? Are development charges helping to make living here unaffordable?

To frame these issues, we’re pleased to haveCouncillor George Affleck and Councillor Geoff Meggs. Then it’s your turn to question, observe, opine. If you like, bring your lunch!


When: Thu, 01 Aug 2013 12:30 PM
Where:  SFU Vancouver, Harbour Centre 515 West Hastings, Room 1600

No cost or reservations.