Matthew Blackett is the publisher, creative director and one of the founders of Spacing magazine. He is the author, editor, and photographer of 11 books. He is also a graphic artist, product designer, and deeply-committed advocate for Toronto.
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Suburban evolution

The neighbourhood of Lawrence Heights is scheduled for revitalization. “Revitalization” means, literally, to bring back to life, but... Read More

The evolution of the big gay dance party

The world moves in a mysterious way, its cities reform, and though there are any number of ultimately undecipherable forces at work in... Read More

Nature always wins out

I’m an arborist. If you don’t know what that is you are not alone–it’s not even listed in my spellcheck. It’s... Read More

The bewitching city

Some things that have made me love Toronto in the past few weeks: The City Beautification Ensemble spray painting dull bicycle posts... Read More

Forest amongst the buildings

Native oak and birch trees shade out the harsh noonday sun. Squirrels forage for acorns amongst the serviceberry bushes and... Read More

The Missing Plaque Porject

If you took a stroll past the lamp posts and utility poles around Nathan Phillips Square this fall, you might have discovered a little... Read More

Slipping through the spectacle

People in Toronto like to drag their parties out onto the streets. It gives the rest of us a chance to sneak in and crash them, or... Read More

Enjoy getting lost in your own city

I like to walk around the city. Since I moved here four years ago, I have wanted to find out what lies beyond each street or park. Not... Read More

Extreme walking

I'm sore today, my body jolting me with pain when I make demands of it. Sandy and I went parkouring yesterday, on the first day... Read More