Uncovering Rivière St Pierre during Nuit Blanche

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Montreal’s Lost Rivers – What Maps Can (and Can’t) Tell Us

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Surreal Sights Inside the Sewers of Côte St. Paul

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Dead Ends and Signs of Life Inside the Point St. Charles Collector

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Montreal’s Wastewater Treatment, Part I – A History of Problems

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Montreal Waterworks, Part II – Inside the Conduit

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Montreal Waterworks, Part I – The Aqueduct

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Far Out in the West Island of Montreal

Inside the ‘7-UP’ chamber. The West Island of Montreal offers what are essentially the low-lying fruit for underground... Read More

Montreal’s Underground Underdogs

  Inside the Molson Collector, somewhere beneath Rue Dickson in 2007. When it comes to Montreal’s underground achievements, the... Read More

Following Riviere St. Pierre Under Lachine

Inside the Rockfield combined sewer overflow conduit Picking up from where we last left off, this stretch takes us through the inside... Read More