Photo du jour : Rue/Boulevard/Autoroute Notre-Dame

Quatre projets depuis 2001 : à quand une ferme décision sur l’avenir de ce corridor controversé ? La rue Notre-Dame à partir du viaduc... Read More

Photo du jour : Quel patrimoine ?

et si l’on remplaçait ce Dairy Queen par des condos et un Starbucks . . . ? au coin du Parc et Bérubé au Mile-End Read More

Le dossier de TGV : la mobilité n’a aucun prix

« Tout le monde peut innover, si sa vie en dépend. » – Akio Morita Récemment, le journal gratuit Métro Montréal 24 Heures a... Read More

Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive c. Québec, la STM, et les pneumatiques

Maybe we could learn a lesson from Sesame Street. « ZELC ne peut exiger que la STM redéfinisse ses besoins et ceux de ses... Read More

Free parking for non-residents to end in Plateau

The newly elected Projet-Montréal borough council in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal have indicated that they plan to phase out free parking... Read More

Rizzuto funeral

The funeral service for Nick Rizzuto Jr., son of mob boss Vito Rizzuto, at Madonna Della Difesa Church in Montreal’s Little... Read More

A Montreal whodunnit: How to make sense of all these firebombings

Photo from mtlp‘s photostream on Flickr While a whodunnit may sound fun, it’s disquieting and mysterious to think... Read More

Someone’s got some ‘xplaining to do: More transit cost overruns

Image from kevincrumbs on Flickr Creative Commons Only one day after the STM announced that the projected cost of replacing its ageing... Read More

Google Street View launches across Canada today

 To the detriment of a great deal of work that needed to be done today, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Google Street View had... Read More

Turcot, the United Nations and Climate Change

Looking forward to winter smog? (courtesy of the Meteorological Service of Canada) This week at the UN headquarters in New York, the... Read More