Zero Litter’s trash mob cleans up Baltimore’s urban spaces

Garbage has always been a problem for cities. Plastic bags, cigarette butts, cans and other debris are blown around often landing against fences and in abandoned spaces.

In Baltimore a group, Zero Litter, has decided to take action by creating a flash mob — or, in this case, a trash mob — to clean up spaces covered in litter, in a really short amount of time.

In this video, a Zero Litter trash mob cleans up a Baltimore space with 20 people in less than 30 minutes. The results are amazing.

This article asks the question, “what can you do in 30 minutes to improve the environment?”

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  1. Garbage has NOT always been a problem. Only in recent decades has it become a noticeable eyesore. It all began with pop bottles changing from glass to cans and plastic bottles (no deposit, no return). That and an ignorant population that won’t even use the street waste containers a few feet away from a bus shelter. If you are too young to remember then go to the city archives and look at old photographs of our streets and lawns.

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