DIPS and other fun at City Hall

New local street standards for Toronto A joint committee of Works and Planning today considered the “DIPS” report from... Read More

Subway station revitalization unveiled

Today, the Toronto Community Foundation unveiled its proposal to redesign three subway stations along the University Avenue subway... Read More

Community Gardening 101

Yes, the ground is verging on frozen right now, but the people at the Toronto Community Garden Network and Foodshare want to put their... Read More

Toronto’s Governance

There has been much talk recently that the City of Toronto’s governing structure needs to be reformed, and earlier this year the... Read More

Kingston Road LRT

The TTC is proposing a new dedicated streetcar line in Scarborough along Kingston Road to Eglinton and then west to Kennedy station... Read More

Secret Swing goes missing!

The blog Ryantowne is reporting that the Secret Swing, found between two buildings off of Graffiti Alley, has sustained serious... Read More

New York trash for sale

Artist Justin Gignac collects trash from the streets of New York City and carefully packages the litter into a plastic cube. He sells... Read More

Canadian Blog Awards

It seems the SpacingWire has been nominated for Best Culture Blog in the Canadian Blog Awards. That’s pretty cool. Also... Read More

Nathan Phillips Sq. and a GTA transit authority

Two items from the Saturday edition of the Toronto Star: 1. Nathan Phillips Square renovations: In the words of city councillor, and... Read More

GTA Carpool registry online

The Smart Commute Association yesterday launched Carpool Zone [smartcommute.ca], the first Internet carpool service to help commuters... Read More