Four urban-themed blogs from four different cities, all similar in spirit to Spacing (BLDGBLOG from Los Angeles, City of Sound from London, Inhabitat from New York and Subtopia from San Francisco) have gathered at the Storefront for Art & Architecture in NYC to host Postopolis!, a five day event of “near continuous conversation about architecture, urbanism, landscape and design.”

For the past five years, blogging has helped to expand the bounds of architectural discussion; its influence now spreads far beyond the internet to affect museums, institutions, and even higher education. Postopolis! is an historic opportunity to look back at what architecture blogs have achieved — both to celebrate their strengths and to think about their future.

Although the event started on May 29th, there are still many discussions to be had and panellists to listen to.

Postopolis! goes until June 2, 2007

Storefront for Art and Architecture: 97 Kenmare Street, New York, NY

Check the participating blogs for continued coverage or click here for more info.


  1. That’s practically a TTC font, ya know…wonder if any Torontonian participants will point that out…

  2. yea.. blogging helps to spread the blogers idea worldwidely, and pulling all the bloggers together and having idea exchange…cool

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