Subway trains become office space

If you find yourself in London, England anytime soon, you may want to check out the work of the Village Underground in the Shoreditch neighbourhood. They have taken discarded London subway cars, placed them on top of a renovated Victorian warehouse building and converted the trains into creative workspaces. All the cars have carbon-neutral heat and power and are ecologically outfitted.

[ via Treehugger ] images courtesy of Village Underground

 bottom photo by Matt Cowley


  1. We have a bunch of subway cars up for retirement in the next couple years… this is an idea worth copying – it’d be an awesome Waterfront Office Park!

  2. I was in London last year and took a photo from streetlevel of the two red and white cars that are raised up near the edge of the building. I couldn’t see much more than their noses peering over the ledge and I always wondered what they were doing up there! I’d attach the photo to these comments if I could.

    Neat posting. You see, you learn so much from Spacing…

  3. So strange to hear Tube trains referred to as “subway” trains! (A subway is something quite different in London…)

  4. With London housing prices being what they are, I’m surprised that people are not living in these subway cars. The cost of housing in Whistler, British Columbia, the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics, is so high that they have converted ship/truck containers into apartments for service workers at the ski resort.

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