Nurture Nature

This is another piece of art located at the University of Toronto that’s easy to miss.  “Nurture Nature” by Joe Fafard is located on a walkway at the East side of Hart house that sees little foot traffic. It’s seclusion and lovely benches makes it a great place for a picnic, or for a bit of reading.

From :

Joe Fafard was born in Ste. Marthe, Saskatchewan in 1942. He attended the University of Manitoba (BFA 1966) and Pennsylvania State University (MFA 1968). He was an instructor at the University of Saskatchewan, Regina from 1968-1974 and visiting lecturer at the University of California, Davis in 1980-1981.

Recognized for his outstanding contribution to the arts in Canada, he was named an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1981; awarded the Architectural Institute of Canada Allied Arts Award in 1987; and received an Honorary Degree from the University of Regina in 1989.

photos by Shaun Merritt.