Sim City: Bus Shelters & International Buisness

Bus transit is big in Spacington. The city has adopted new lines, extended a few, and created a multi-city connection. Not bad, eh? Still not great. The Spacington folks are still only using 40% of the bus transit- 40% of the different routes and overall capacity. We have observed the lines, relocated a few things, but still the number teeters under 50%. Why don’t they like buses? We tried losing the amount of buses for the optimal transit system- LRT -but for some reason Simingtons were even less trilled to use it.

So here is a map of a bus route in Spacington. This great route connects folks to a baseball stadium, local jobs, and residences from all over the top northern tip of Spacington. The route is straight, on major roads and avenues, and connects a slew of amenties in the city.  The pink represents pedestrians walking routes, before or after they take the bus. So what do we do? Should there be more bus stops so pedestrians have a shorter walk to catch the bus? (I would argue these walks are short enough, but..)

New bus shelter by one of the city squares.

The ever changing Spacington from above.

Nevertheless, the city is looking and doing great. We’ve added a international airport and new business and travel is pouring in.  Let us know your bus thoughts for next week.

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  1. you need to go to Simtropolis and look for new mods for better bus stops.
    the single cell bus stops are unrealistic. you can find bus stops that are placed on top of the roads.

  2. The Sims have spoken. Sims want subways. Subways subways subways. They don’t want to be stuck behind some LRT or bus in their car. Get transit out of site and out of mind of the Sims. Subways. Sim Subways. Subways.

    – Mayor SimFord

  3. Good job on managing the bus routes! You will eventually have to choose to cram in more stops or re-arrange routes. Sims will only walk so far from home-to-stop-to-work  and the higher up the ‘$$$’ the harder it gets. It looks like you have a medium sized City map many of those “amenities” are just taking up space, the Country club is poorly positioned and the only purpose it serves is to drive up ‘$$$’ levels so you could make the choice to nuke it if you so choose. 

    I recommend in a prior Sims post about you looking into the traffic configuration tool. Its a great modd to have to get a City functioning in a “normal” dense way, it will make your Sims walk father and then you can create a realisitc transit system with proper spacing. 

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