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Sim City: Subways, Subways, Subways.

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The people have spoken: “they want subways.” Subways, subways, subways. Right? No. We know it’s an old topic and the debate is long over, but we thought, what if uncle Rob was right? So we built the Spacington subway system, or the STC, and tested out the benefits (or not) of subway lines. Here are the details:

The subway lines are represented in yellow—It expresses about half the lines in Spacington.

– We spent 200,000 on subway construction—exactly half of Spacingtons funds at the time.

– We built lines to cover the entire city, going both east west; north south. We thought we’d go full out.

– We connect each neighborhood to each other and kept the existing bus routes.

Then we played, and played, and played, and watched. The results: Barely a difference. Though people are using the subway to commute—60% usage at one station, and only one station—It has made little difference connecting any of the residence to their homes/jobs on one side of town to their homes or jobs on the other side. In fact, whether a by-product of the subway system or not, there are now more Sims without work.

What do we think? Spacington subway was a good experiment but it didn’t really work out.

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  1. Subways are a money pit until your City builds up. When you start getting dense employment towers then Subways work well to get Sims to those jobs.